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Zoanthus sp., Blue and Neon Green Colony (Zoanthus sp.), 3.0" - 4.0", WYSIWYG

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Zoanthus corals, from the Zoanthidae family, can be found across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Their widespread nature makes them a hardy coral and one of the easiest to keep. Similar to Palys, Zoanthus corals have a short stalk topped with a flat, broad disk rimmed with delicate tentacles. Although these beautiful Zoas are highly recommended for beginners, they may contain palytoxin and vibrio in their coral mucus so careful handling is recommended. These colorful creatures will thrive in most light, but keeping them under actinic lighting will give them the appearance of glowing in the dark!

This "Blue and Neon Green" Zoanthus has neon green tentacles with tranquil, sea blue discs and purple polyps.

CARE LEVEL: Beginner


LIGHTING: Low/Medium Light

WATERFLOW: Medium Flow

TANK POSITION: Middle to Bottom of Tank

Type: Zoanthus    

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