• Tridacna maxima, First Grade Colored Clam, ORA (T. maxima), 1.5"

Tridacna maxima, First Grade Colored Clam, ORA (T. maxima), 1.5"

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Tridacna, or Giant Clams, are a stunning addition to any reef aquarium. Their colored, patterned mantle are found in such range and variety that aquarists often find it difficult to choose their favorite specimen. Tridacna are relatively easy to care for - especially if introduced into a stable aquarium environment. Zooxanthella symbiotic algae provide most of their nutritional requirements however supplemental feedings of phytoplankton cultures can be provided. Giant clams require bright lighting and a high water flow. It is important to slowly acclimate clams to lighting and to avoid areas of the aquarium where the clam will be constantly hit by a water pump.

This Tridacna maxima specimen was born and raised at ORA’s mariculture clam farm in the Marshall Islands. It is a light white clam with a dark blue background and light blue dots on its surface. In the ocean, this species lives in shallow clear reefs so it will thrive if placed on a rock surface high in an aquarium tank.

CARE LEVEL:  Intermediate

LIGHTING:  High Light



Type: Tridacna    

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