• Psammocora sp., Kelly Green, ORA (Psammocora sp.)

Psammocora sp., Kelly Green, ORA (Psammocora sp.)

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Psammocora corals, from the Siderstreidae family, are uniquely shaped and textured corals. These small polyped stony corals have a mixed bag of form combinations including flattened branches, columns and irregular nodules. Often known as “Sandpaper Coral”, these corals have shallow and fine corralites giving them a smooth, sandpaper-like finish. On top of their smooth skin, Psammocora can be recognized by beautiful star-like patterned flowers that appear when their corallites are retracted. These unique corals are sure to instill a sense of wonder and curiosity in your aquarium!

ORA’s aquacultured “Kelly Green” Psammocora is a bright “kelly” green branching coral. It is also called “Kelly Green” because former employee, Kelly Hunter, brought it to ORA from Palau in 1994.  When its polyps are fully extended this Psammocora has a velvety look while when they are retracted it can appear fine and grainy like sandpaper. With interesting texture variations and one of the brightest green colors on the market this Psammocora will be sure to turn heads!

CARE LEVEL – Intermediate


LIGHTING – High Light 

WATERFLOW – Medium Flow

TANK POSITION – Middle of Tank

Type: Psammocora    

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