Hippocampus erectus, Bright Yellow Lined Seahorse, Captive Bred (H. erectus)

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These are our hand-picked favorites - the most vibrant yellow seahorses from every brood. These top grade seahorses are currently around 4 inches, actively eating frozen mysis shrimp and ready for your home aquarium!

Hippocampus erectus are native to the Atlantic Ocean, spanning the coast from Cape Cod to South America. These seahorses are larger in size than other species and can grow up to 7 inches long.  Often yellowish in color, Hippocampus erectus have characteristic patterns of white lines following their neck contour, giving them the name of “Lined” seahorses.

These captive-bred seahorses have been bred to be a lovely color of vibrant yellow. These seahorses will do great in reef tanks with live coral, but prefer a species-only tank as they are peaceful and slow moving animals. Seahorses change their body color based on their surroundings, diet, mood, etc. so be sure to stick with bright yellow and orange decorations. With a pristine tank, enough fresh or frozen mysis shrimp, and the proper care, these seahorses will thrive!

For detailed seahorse care and acclimation, see our aquarium guides - seahorse acclimation. 


Type: Hippocampus    

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