• Goniopora sp., Red Flowerpot Coral (Goniopora sp.), 1.0" to 2.0"

Goniopora sp., Red Flowerpot Coral (Goniopora sp.), 1.0" to 2.0"

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Goniopora coral, from the Poritidae family, are large polyped stony corals with porous skeletons and long-stalked polyps rimmed with tentacles. Due to the rounded shape of their skeletons and their extended flower-like polyps, these corals are known as “Flowerpot Corals”. Their nervous system is highly connected, like that of flowers in nature, and when one side of these corals are touched, all other sides will pull in their tentacles. These beautiful bouquets of flowers are a stunning addition to your coral garden.

This Goniopora is a "Red Flowerpot" coral with dark purple-red stalks and red polyps with long, thin tentacles.  The addition of trace elements such as calcium and strontium will keep this "Flowerpot" growing healthy.

CARE LEVEL – Intermediate/Difficult

AGGRESSIVENESS – Dominant, Sweeper Polyps

LIGHTING – Medium Light

WATERFLOW – Medium Flow

TANK POSITION – Bottom of Tank, 5 inches space

Type: Goniopora    

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