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Firefish Goby (Nemateleotris magnifica), 2.0" to 2.5"

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The Firefish Goby is a white fish with a bright yellow tinted head and an orange/red posterior. They are full of personality as they flit around aquariums, burrowing into the sand and darting into hiding places whenever they feel threatened. 

They are an easy-to-care for fish that reside peacefully in reef aquariums.  They can be aggressive to others of the same species so it is best not to overcrowd your aquarium. Firefish Goby are popular for their small adult size of up to 3 inches long.  It is important to keep your aquarium covered as Gobys can leap out of the tank. They readily eat most  appropriately-sized frozen foods including brine or mysis shrimp.

Type: Nemateleotris    

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