• Favia sp., War Horse, ReefGen (Favia sp.), .5" to 1.0"

Favia sp., War Horse, ReefGen (Favia sp.), .5" to 1.0"

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Favia corals from the Faviidae family are the most common and prolific coral in the world. Often called “Brain Coral” these corals are dome shaped with their walls being one color and their calices being another giving them a brain-like appearance. Favia corals are dominant and aggressive, expanding their sweeper tentacles to defend their position, so be sure to leave at least 5 inches between them and their neighbors. Brain Coral is relatively easy to take care of making them a great large polyped stony coral for beginners and experts alike.

This specimen has burnt red-orange walls and bright neon green calices.

CARE LEVEL – Beginner/Intermediate

AGGRESSIVENESS – Dominant, uses sweeper tentacles

LIGHTING – Medium Light

WATERFLOW – Medium Flow

TANK POSITION – Mid to Bottom of Tank

Type: Favia    

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