• Euphyllia sp., Gold Torch Coral (Euphyllia sp.), 3.0"+

Euphyllia sp., Gold Torch Coral (Euphyllia sp.), 3.0"+

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Species in the coral genus Euphyllia are very popular due to the graceful movement of their long tentacles in aquarium waterflow. These corals are LPS (large polyped stoney) corals with translucent coloration and often contrasting, brightly colored tips or bulbs. Euphyllia have long sweeper tentacles that can deliver strong stings to other corals or people; however typically exist peacefully with corals of their own genus. They are moderately easy to keep and are high growth corals.

This specimen, a Torch Coral, has gold tentacles with fluorescent light cream tips resulting in a beautiful variation that creates a stunning display as the coral moves and sways!

CARE LEVEL:  Intermediate

AGGRESSIVENESS:  Uses Sweeper Tentacles; Dominant Coral

LIGHTING:  Medium Light

WATERFLOW:  Medium Flow

TANK POSITION:  All Locations

Type: Euphyllia    

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