• Eheim Ebo Jager Aquarium Heater (100W, 150W, 250W)

Eheim Ebo Jager Aquarium Heater (100W, 150W, 250W)

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JAGER aquarium heaters are recognized as top-rated electronic devices for their quality and safety levels.  The devices are known for their ability to maintain constant aquarium temperature control at accuracy levels of +/- 0.5˚C.  Several key features of these heaters:

  • Temperature can be precisely calibrated for selection of preferred water temperatures. Temperatures can be adjusted between 65˚F and 93˚F.
  • There is an indicator on/off control light.
  • The heater is fully submersible suitable for fresh or saltwater aquariums.
  • The laboratory glass cover is shatterproof and resistant to cold water shock that can occur during maintenance or sudden water level changes. There is a safety control that shuts the heater off when water drops too low.
  • Heater has a 5 1/2 foot power cord length.
  • Includes a double suction cup holder.
  • Features the latest technologies in German engineering.
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Heater Sizes:
    • 100W, 26-40 gallon aquarium, 12.2” heater length
    • 150W, 53-79 gallon aquarium, 13.4” heater length
    • 250W, 106-159 gallon aquarium, 17.8” heater length


Type: Aquarium Heater    

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