• Echinopora sp., Sprung's Stunner Chalice (Echinopora sp.)

Echinopora sp., Sprung's Stunner Chalice (Echinopora sp.)

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Echinopora coral, from the Faviidae family, grow in bright, shallow water.  These large polyped stony corals are wonderful additions to your tank due to their fast-growing nature and unusual plating formations. When their specific needs are met, Echinopora coral can be extremely durable and forgiving, perfect for any aquarist. These coral are known for their bright, vibrant hues of blues and greens.

Echinopora are often called “Hedgehog” corals and have unique, wavy plating designs.  Aquacultured Sprung’s Stunner coral is an extremely fast growing coral with a purple base and bright green polyps. The name comes from none other than Julian Sprung, making this coral a great conversation starter and focal point in your tank – sure to impress any reef enthusiast!

CARE LEVEL – Beginner/Intermediate

AGGRESSIVENESS – Usually peaceful but may use sweeper tentacles at night

LIGHTING – Medium light

WATERFLOW – Strong water flow

TANK POSITION – Middle of tank

Type: Echinopora    

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