• Discosoma sp., Green Jade Mushroom Rock, (Discosoma sp.), 5.0" to 7.0"

Discosoma sp., Green Jade Mushroom Rock, (Discosoma sp.), 5.0" to 7.0"

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Discosoma are Mushroom Corals that are unlike most corals in that they don’t have a calcified skeleton structure. Instead, their polyps have a round disc shape with a conical mouth perched on a short stalk, giving them the appearance of mushrooms found on the forest floor. These soft Mushroom Corals, from the Discosomatidae family, are truly unique in their variety. They display a wide array of colors, textures, and patterns and their taxonomy is constantly in a state of flux, making them difficult to define and acquire. Additionally, Discosoma are hardy corals, easy to maintain, and grow quickly, making them great for beginner aquarists. If you can find them, these rare corals are an invaluable addition to your tank!

Once a member of the Discosoma genus, this Green Mushroom coral is now a member of the Rhodactis genus, still in the Discosomatidae family. This Green Mushroom will produce a variety of green shades from turquoise to jade and given enough space will reproduce quickly, forming a soft carpet covering to the bottom of your tank.

CARE LEVEL – Beginner/Intermediate


LIGHTING – Low/Medium Light


TANK POSITION – Middle to Bottom of Tank

Type: Discosoma    

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