• Cyphastrea sp., Radioactive Blue Green, ReefGen (Cyphastrea sp.), .5" to 1.0"

Cyphastrea sp., Radioactive Blue Green, ReefGen (Cyphastrea sp.), .5" to 1.0"

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Cyphastrea, from the Faviidae family, are strikingly beautiful large polyped stony corals. Growing in mostly shallow reef environments in the wild, these corals grow unbelievable fast under a wide range of tank conditions. These typically encrusting corals often have a background color that is different than its corallites with a unique grainy tissue growing between the corallites. Like other corals in the Faviidae family, Cyphastrea polyps come out mainly at night. Its sweeper tentacles may also come out at night and while mainly a passive coral be sure to give Cyphastrea some distance!

ReefGen’s aquacultured Radioactive Blue Green Cyphastrea is interesting in more ways than one. Besides having a bright fluorescent blue color, this Cyphastrea has full encrustation with nubs of branching throughout which makes for some fascinating morphology!

CARE LEVEL: Intermediate

AGGRESSIVENESS: Passive but may use sweeper tentacles to defend position at night

Lighting: Medium Light

Waterflow: Medium Flow

Tank Position: Bottom of Tank

Type: Cyphastrea    

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