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Coral Frenzy, The ULTIMATE Coral Food, 28g

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Coral Frenzy is a concentrated, dry coral food - an excellent food choice for small fish, corals and filter feeders. It has a long shelf life and will not spoil like live or frozen foods.  A 28g jar can feed a 100 gallon tank for 2-3 months.

For a 50 gal tank; Mix 1/4 tsp vigorously with a glass of aquarium water and pour into a high flow area or target feed. Feed 2X-3X a week depending on your systems needs. For best results, you should turn off your skimmer. 

Particle Size:  53-1700 microns.  

Contains:  Fish Protein, Oyster Larvae, Salmon Roe, Dunaliella salina, Schizochytrium, Rotifers, Copepods, Daphnia, Spirulina, & Haematococcus Pluvialis.

Nutritional Analysis:  Crude Protein (min) 52.8%, Crude Fat (min) 9.8%, Crude Fiber (max) 1.6%, Ash (max) 14.2%, Moisture (max) 6.8%, Omega 3 (min) 26.7%, Omega 6 (min) 10.6%.


Type: Coral Food    

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