• Oxypora sp., Easter Egg Chalice, ORA (Oxypora sp.)

Oxypora sp., Easter Egg Chalice, ORA (Oxypora sp.)

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Oxypora corals are incredibly diverse in form, but most commonly form curved, leaf-like structures that can be said to resemble a cup or a chalice. For this reason, they are a member of the extremely popular “Chalice” corals. These large polyped stony corals come from the Pectiniidae family whose name originates from the Greek word “pectinis” meaning comb and referencing the coral's skeleton. This skeleton is usually completely covered by tissue and can host spirals of plates that rise from its base. Like other corals in the Pectiniidae family, Oxypora are defensive and will extend their sweeper tentacles so be sure to give them enough space!

The Oxypora “Easter Egg Chalice” is a highly sought-after coral with a pastel purple base and yellow eyes giving it the unique appearance of an Easter egg.  This coral comes from ORA’s aquaculture farm in Florida and is fast growing and hardy, making it a beautiful and smart addition to your tank!

CARE LEVEL – Intermediate

AGGRESSIVENESS – Defensive, Uses Sweeper Tentacles

LIGHTING – Medium Light

WATERFLOW – Medium Flow

TANK POSITION – Bottom of Tank

Type: Oxypora    

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