How should I acclimate my seahorse to a new tank?


NoCoast Aquatics prepares seahorses for transportation using techniques to reduce the stress of moving to a new aquarium.  

When seahorses arrive at their destination, there are also key steps to successfully handle and acclimate, or adapt, seahorses into their new environment.  This acclimation process should be started right way when the seahorses arrive because there can be ammonia build-up in the water used to transport the seahorse.  A detailed list of these key steps and a printable acclimation document is in our seahorse acclimation guide section of our website.

Also, before ordering a seahorse, make sure that your aquarium is fully cycled (running for at least one month) and your aquarium parameters meet these requirements:

    • Temperature range between 71˚ -74˚ F
    • No Ammonia and Nitrites
    • Nitrates < 20 ppm
    • PH 8.1-8.3
    • Salinity 1.020-1.024
    • Appropriately sized tank (minimum 30 gallon per seahorse pair)

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