Coral Compatibility Guides



Aquarists are accustomed to compatibility guides for fish and other marine animals but comprehensive guides on coral compatibility are lacking.

Most corals use mechanisms to defend and compete for living space – prompting aquarist requests for compatibility guides focused on how coral behavior affects aquarium placement. Additionally, aquarists want to know the coral behavior to expect and the level of dominance of each coral; which coral will win the battle over space? 

NoCoast Aquatics prepared compatibility guides of commonly collected corals to help fill the current gap in information. They were compiled through reviews of scientific literature and from collection of aquarist experience. Experience in your own aquarium may vary based on attributes such as tank height and lighting system. These documents should be viewed as guides only – please let us know if you have additional insights at and we will continue to refine the information.


Links to Printable Compatibility Guides:

Small Polped Stony (SPS) Coral Compatibility Guide

Large Polyped Stony (LPS) Coral Compatibility Guide

Soft Corals, Mushrooms, Zoanthids Compatibility Guide