About Us

Our Story

NoCoast Aquatics was founded on a simple idea; keep native seahorses and coral where they belong – in the ocean. Growing up in land-locked Minnesota, our founder developed a curiosity for the far-away ocean at an early age, leading him to spend years learning and working in aquarium retail. After studying biology in college and understanding the ecological ramifications that coral harvesting and overfishing can have on our oceans ecosystem, He knew there was another option. Combining his passion for the aquarium hobby and scientific research experience in ocean sustainability, NoCoast Aquatics was born.

Our mission is to use sustainable and scientific business practices to provide home aquarists with high quality, cultured marine animals without taking from our fragile ocean ecosystems. 

At NoCoast Aquatics, we believe the Banggai Cardinalfish is the perfect representation of our business model. In the past 30 years, the Banggai Cardinalfish has seen a rapid decline in its native population, mainly due to overfishing by the home aquarist industry. Recently, due to the urgency of its decline, captive breeding programs have been implemented to help stabilize the species and still provide aquarists with the fish they cherish so much. At NoCoast Aquatics, we see the Banggai Cardinalfish as an inspiration and constant reminder of the importance of captive breeding programs, aquaculture, and mariculture in the reef enthusiast community.

Our Facility

Our state-of-the-art commercial facility in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area was designed and built to create the ideal conditions for maricultured, aquacultured and captive-bred marine animals to thrive.



Our reverse osmosis deionization (RO/DI) system creates over 4,000 gallons of the highest purified water; mechanical and biological filtration systems are employed with water parameters rigidly maintained for healthy sea life.

At NoCoast Aquatics we have a commitment to sustainability in all aspects of our business including our aquarium practices. We use energy-efficient LED lighting, enclosed trays to minimize water evaporation, and we recirculate and reuse our purified water as much as possible. 



Our marine life is kept in a disease and parasite free environment including the use of commercial ultraviolet (UV) sterilization systems.  All animals are kept healthy through nutrition programs that use best practice scientific approaches and the latest technologies.



We strive to do our part in protecting marine life’s natural habitat by using safe and sustainable practices to provide quality, cultured marine life for the reef enthusiast.




Please email us at info@nocoastaquatics.com to make an appointment.