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Hippocampus comes, Tiger Tail Seahorse, Captive Bred (H. comes)

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Hippocampus comes, from the Syngnathidae family, are native to the Eastern Indian Ocean and the Western Pacific Ocean and are commonly traded in the aquarist industry. These “Tiger-Tail” seahorses are seen in beautiful shades of grey and black with light, white or yellow stripes and markings for camouflage and can grow up to 6 inches long.  

Our captive-bred Hippocampus comes are uniquely grey and black with distinct white markings.  These seahorses are social animals and will do well in reef tanks with live coral, but prefer a species-only tank as they are peaceful and slow moving animals. Seahorses change their body color based on their surroundings, so be sure to provide bright yellow, orange and blue decorations. With a pristine tank, enough fresh or frozen mysis shrimp, and the proper care, these seahorses will thrive!



Type: Hippocampus    

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