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Hippocampus barbouri, Barbour's Seahorse, Captive Bred (H. barbouri)

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Hippocampus barbouri are native to Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. These seahorses are known for their beautiful slender, zebra striped snouts.  Our captive bred barbouri are bright yellow in color with well defined spines following their neck contour. This species is found in shallow water with habitats of sea grass beds and mangrove swamps found in sheltered coastal areas.

These seahorses will do great in reef tanks with live coral, but prefer a species-only tank as they are peaceful and slow moving animals. Seahorses change their body color based on their surroundings, so be sure to stick with bright yellow, orange and blue decorations. With a pristine tank, enough fresh or frozen mysis shrimp, and the proper care, these seahorses will thrive!

Type: Hippocampus    

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