• Red Sea Nitrate/Nitrite Test Kit

Red Sea Nitrate/Nitrite Test Kit

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The Red Sea Nitrate/Nitrite Test Kit contains test supplies to measure Nitrate (NO3) and Nitrite (NO2) in marine aquariums.  The kit has 100 Nitrate plus 50 Nitrite advanced colorimetric tests.

The kit contains Reagent A (25ml), Reagent B (15g), Reagent C (15g), 2 spoons, a glass vial, a 5 ml syringe, a user manual and 2 color cards.  The tests measure Nitrate in range 0-250 ppm, accuracy 2 ppm and Nitrite in range 0-1 ppm, accuracy 0.05 ppm.  

It is essential for all marine aquariums to test whether an aquarium has fully cycled and is ready for livestock.  Nitrite levels should be at 0.0 when fully cycled; even trace levels can kill or stress seahorses or other marine fish.  

Nitrate levels for seahorses should be below 20 ppm.  Nitrate builds up in an aquarium through fish waste and food debris; levels should be kept low through aquarium maintenance and water changes.  If levels are consistently high, an aquarium may have too many fish for the size of the aquarium.  


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