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Spirulina Powder, Arthrospira platensis, 50g

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This Spirulina Powder contains a specially-bred strain of the blue-green algae, Arthrospira platensis (formerly Spirulina platensis), harvested from the Pacific.

At 99% pure, it can be added to moist fish feeds or fed directly to invertebrates.  It is a great source of amino acids (45% protein), pigments (>1,500 mg/kg total carotenoids), vitamins and minerals.

Adding spirulina to your fish diet helps to increase growth, heighten immunity and improve skin and fin appearance. It is particularly rich in carotenoid and xanthophyll pigments, factors important to attaining bright skin colors in captive fish.

As a food enrichment, soak thawed food such as mysis shrimp in a small amount of the spirulina powder prior to feeding.  It can be fed directly to artemia, larval shrimp and larval fish. 

Item is bulk packaged in 50g container.

Type: Spirulina Powder    

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