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SELCO Easy DHA Enrichment Formula, 60mL

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SELCO, Self Emulsified Lipid Concentrate, is the aquaculture industry's leading formula for marine livestock nutritional enrichment. It was developed by Artemia Systems in Belgium.  

The formula is super concentrated and rich in highly unsaturated fatty acids (HUFAs) that can be used for nutritional fortification of frozen mysis shrimp or for enriching live artemia (brine shrimp) or rotifers. Increasing HUFA levels have been shown to promote fish growth and development.   

This item needs to be refrigerated and requires 2-day shipping.  We package and sell SELCO in a 60mL container.

Here are instructions for product use:

Instructions for Frozen Mysis Shrimp Fortification

Thaw and rinse frozen food in saltwater or RO/DI water. Place the food into a container and put a small amount of SELCO on the food to cover it. The product is concentrated, so you don't have to add much.  Let SELCO soak into the food for about an hour prior to feeding. Unused fortified food can be kept refrigerated for 24 hours.

Instructions For Enrichment of Live Artemia or Rotifers

Just 10 drops per liter or quart of water is sufficient for enriching thousands of artemia nauplii (first stage larva) and adults as well as rotifers. For best results follow these simple instructions:

  1. Harvest newly hatched nauplii. Rinse with fresh water and transfer to a clean culture vessel. After approximately 18-24 hours from time of transfer to clean culture vessel, the nauplii will have molted into their feeding stage.  

  2. Shake SELCO bottle well. 

  3. Add about 5 mls (about 10 drops) of SELCO per liter directly to the culture vessel. Ensure that the aeration is vigorously mixing the water column. 

  4. After approximately 12 hours, the intestinal tract of the nauplii should be fully enriched with SELCO. Be sure to rinse the enriched nauplii with fresh water and feed immediately. Unfed enriched nauplii can be stored in the refrigerator for later feedings.

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