Large Polyped Stony (LPS) Hard Corals

Nature's bounty and beauty is well displayed by reef-building corals - through their abundance of color and variety of growth structures.

Aquarists can create their own natural attraction through a collection of these hard or stony reef-building corals. These corals, within the scientific class Anthozoa and order Scleractinia, form a calcified skeleton through branching, encrusting or forming columns or sheets. Their multi-polyp colonies often vary in appearance with differences in how well each individual animal can be seen. Aquarists often describe stony coral colonies based on the size and appearance of their polyps; Large Polyped Stony (LPS) corals typically have large fleshy polyps. Aquarium care is often easier than with other stony corals as these corals require less intense lighting and water movement. 

The distinctive features and intense color patterns of LPS corals make them some of the most sought after corals for reef aquascapes.