• Montipora capricornis, Pink Polyp, ORA (M. capricornis)

Montipora capricornis, Pink Polyp, ORA (M. capricornis)

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Montipora, from the Acroporidae family, are the second-largest genus of corals with over 200 species. They are a small polyped stony coral with uniquely tiny polyps and corallites that give many of them a fuzzy, velvety look. Montipora coral’s hardiness makes it the best SPS coral for beginners and experienced reef keepers alike. Although hardy in some ways, Montipora are usually mild mannered and if they are crowded by other corals or algae they will be on the losing end, so be sure to give them space!

Montipora capricornis are plating corals that grow upwards in the shape of a vase or bowl with unique growth rings of contrasting colors. With proper water conditions, flow and lighting, Montipora capricornis can grow at a considerably fast rate. As the coral grows it can deplete many essential minerals in your water as it builds its skeletal structure. These minerals need to be replaced through water changes, supplements or through the use of a calcium reactor for the coral to continue to flourish. If all needs are met, your frag will develop into a beautiful shelving coral.  Be gentle, they can be fragile!

ORA’s aquacultured Pink Polyp is a fast-growing cap with a slightly bumpy texture and delicate skeletal structure.  Growing in overlapping flattened plates, this capricornis has a dark pink base color and light baby pink polyps.

CARE LEVEL:  Beginner/Intermediate


LIGHTING:  High Light

WATERFLOW:  Medium Flow

TANK POSITION:  Mid to Top of Tank

Type: Montipora    

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