• NEOSPORIN® Original Ointment, 0.5 oz

NEOSPORIN® Original Ointment, 0.5 oz

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NEOSPORIN® Original Ointment can be used as a topical external treatment for fish and seahorses with minor cuts and injuries.  

Directions for Use:  To apply the ointment, simply hold the fish and gently apply the ointment to the affected area with a cotton swab. A thin coating is enough; apply twice per day.  Ointments that contain pain relievers should not be used.

Active Ingredient (In each gram): Bacitracin Zinc (400 units), Neomycin Sulfate (3.5mg), Polymyxin B Sulfate (5,000 units). 

Package net wt 0.5oz (14.2g).  For external use only.

Type: Fish Medication    

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