• Ricordea sp., Purple & Green Yuma, ORA (Ricordea sp.)

Ricordea sp., Purple & Green Yuma, ORA (Ricordea sp.)

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Ricordea coral, from the Ricordeidae family, are found natively in the Indo-Pacific Ocean. These mushroom coral have no skeleton, but the same internal structures as stony coral. Their short and round stalks are topped with a large oral disc and little berry-shaped tentacles. Commonly known as “Knobby False Coral”, these mushrooms prefer a tank full of nutrients and rubble or rock for their pedal disc to attach. Though not overtly aggressive, Ricordea will harm other coral that is placed too close or touching them, so be sure to give them at least 6-8 inches of space.

Ricordea yuma corals are highly sought after in the reef industry due to their spectacular array of colors and unique pearl-shaped tentacles. They will even tend to change colors under different lighting and metal halides may be too intense for them, so if using halides be sure to position the coral at the bottom of the tank.  This “Purple and Green” Ricordia yuma specimen comes from ORA’s aquaculture farm in Florida and displays fluorescent purple and green coloration.

CARE LEVEL – Intermediate


LIGHTING – Low to Medium Light

WATERFLOW – Low to Medium Flow

TANK POSITION – Middle to Bottom of Tank, 6-8 inches of space

Type: Ricordea    

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