All Corals

An astonishing diversity of corals is available for personal collections in reef aquariums. These amazing marine creatures are prized for their beauty, growing in a wide variety of structures, colors and textures. 

Corals are scientifically classified as members of the phylum Cnidarian – all are invertebrates or marine animals without spinal columns. They are further classified, with over 6000 known species, in the class Anthozoa that includes corals, sea anemones and sea pens.  Corals consist of individual animals, or polyps, that typically connect to each other to form a colony. Many corals secrete calcium carbonate near their base creating the skeleton structure of tropical coral reefs. Each have unique stinging cells called cnidocytes that can deliver powerful toxins for capturing food and protecting territory. The shape, color and appearance of each coral colony varies based on factors including species, depth, water conditions and the presence of color and energy-producing symbiotic algae called zooxanthellae within their tissue.

Build your own unique and living coral reef - raise and explore the dynamic habitat of our world's oceans.