• Turbinaria peltata, Pagoda Cup, ReefGen (T.peltata)

Turbinaria peltata, Pagoda Cup, ReefGen (T.peltata)

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Turbinaria coral derives its name from the Greek word Turbinatus, meaning cone-shaped. These coral are known as “Pagoda Coral”, perhaps due to their tiers that give them a temple-like appearance. In addition to being cone-shaped, these coral, from the Dendrophylliidae family, may also be found in the form of cups, ruffled ridges, plates, vases, or scrolls.  Due to their many formations, these small polyped stony corals are adaptable and vary in appearance depending on their environment.

This Turbinaria peltata, or "Pagoda Cup" coral comes from ReefGen's sustainable aquaculture farm in New York and features pastel pink, green and yellow stalks, polyps, and tentacles.

CARE LEVEL – Moderate

AGGRESSIVENESS – Passive, Mucus Producing

LIGHTING – Medium Light

WATERFLOW – Medium Flow

TANK POSITION – Middle of Tank

Type: Turbinaria    

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