• Blastomussa Wellsi glow under actinic lighting.

Blastomussa wellsi, Pineapple Coral (B. wellsi), WYSIWYG, 4.0" to 4.5"

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Blastomussa, from the Mussidae family, are uncommon corals found in the Red Sea. Each corallite of a Blastomussa extends out from a common center to create a branching dome-shaped structure. Large, fleshy polyps with oral discs extend during the day, usually completely covering the branched base structure underneath. These rare “Branched Cup” large polyped stony corals will benefit from the addition of calcium, strontium, and other trace elements.

WYSIWYG: These Blastomussa Wellsi have large, red oral discs with bright neon green centers that will glow under actinic lighting. These unique “Pineapple Coral” will make a dramatic focal point of your tank!

CARE LEVEL – Intermediate

AGGRESSIVENESS – Defensive, May Use Sweeper Tentacles

LIGHTING – Medium Light

WATERFLOW – Medium Flow

TANK POSITION – Mid to Bottom of Tank

Type: Blastomussa    

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